GAEE Seoul and ROX Gaming are excited to launch 2020 E-Sports Industry Business Contest. This is an opportunity for students to put their creative thoughts into a real world work, displaying their knowledge in business and originality. Students will focus on combining the facts with their original ideas and producing a well-reasoned arguments in a sound manner.


We are pleased to announce the winners of the first case contest on the E-Sports Industry hosted jointly by GAEE Seoul and ROX Gaming. We have had a fantastic response to the competition, with submissions from high schools across Korea. Thank you to everyone who submitted your entries.

This year’s winners are: 1st Place: Moon Kyung Hyun (Junior from SJA Jeju), 2nd Place: Yoojung Ha (Senior from Westminster) and 3rd Place: Seungkyu Han (Sophomore from Seoul International School).


1st place

Kyung Hyun, Moon

St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju (G11)


Esports have emerged as a growing economic and business sector.  However they need to execute well and their games are starting to loose appeal to global customers. This paper presents five factors: diversity, geographical expansion, rules of competition, media rights ownership and aligning digital and traditional media, which E-sports companies need to consider for expanding e-sports market around the word. The diversity of the game genre must be utilized by game publishers, publishers should play a role in linking local e-sports activities to larger regional and world championships, rules of competitions must be able to keep up with the growth of E-sports, media rights of ownership need to be focused for publishers, as fan-generated content has served as free advertising for their games and lastly, digital and traditional media must be aligned by partnering with world renowned organizations such as ESPN.

2nd place

Yoojung, Ha

Westminster School (G12)


The E-Sports industry is a rising industry that involves competition in video games. The industry is viewed by millions of people and stadiums are constructed for E-sports events. Although E-Sports had 99 million viewers for their event, a lot of people who don’t play video games don’t know about E-Sports. It is important that more people know about E-Sports. To do that, the E-Sports industry should be advertised on a platform where a lot of people are on such as Instagram and TikTok. More people will know about the industry and will expand the E-Sports market across the world. Advertising with a collaboration of an influencer and the ROX gaming team would spike people’s interest and gather more viewers for the industry. To attract more people, the E-Sports industry should also have different types of leagues such as beginners league, or semi-pro league to have people participate in the competition as well. By these methods, the industry can expand the market and publicize ROX gaming. 

3rd place

Seungkyu, Han

Seoul International School (G10)


Today, together with the constant annual growth in fan-base and the increased exposure to the internet during the pandemic, the e-sports industry possesses an enormous growth potential. Established in 2013, ROX Gaming is an E-Sports professional club with more than 5 teams in different genres of games and holds a fan base of 100 million people internationally. Its profit structures can be divided into a variety of categories such as E-Sports management business, event organization, marketing, and E-Sports teams in diverse genres. In order to better publicize ROX Gaming, there is a need to revise some flaws in the income structure and improve it.