Technology is one of the sectors what weathered the COVID-19 storm well. The pandemic prompted many businesses to invest in new IT projects and digital transformation as they plan for growth. Some companies, such as Zoom, experienced exponential growth due to the pandemic, as people moved to virtual meetings. Companies are now investing in new field of technology, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, cyber security and many others. Tech Companies are taking their investment plans to a new level, including simple-building, which applies machine learning and automation to the manual processes involved in managing large blocks of apartments. Technology & Business are becoming two elements that cannot be separated, with the process accelerated by the pandemic. Students are encouraged to acknowledge this evolving process and GAEE Seoul hosts Youth Business Technology Essay Competition.

Topic of the Competition 1. Business Economics Prompt: - Review the Doing Business 2019 Report and look at the assessment done by the World Bank Group on your country. Based on the main obstacles identified by the report, propose ways the government can integrate the private sector or civil society organizations to overcome them.
2. Information Technology Prompt: - Based on reports and studies conducted by different organizations like the Malala Fund and the World Bank Group, write a paper on how can innovative technologies develop an education model that is dynamic and improves access to and quality of education?

Entrance fee: Free


- Maximum Word Count: 1000 word in English

- Common: Title, Reference or Bibliography, Footnotes are excluded from the word count

I. About the Participants

- High school Students (G9-12,13)

II. The number of winners: 6

- 3 winners in each prompt

III. How to participate

- Deadline: June 25th, 11:59 p.m K.S.T

- Please fill out your information in the form and submit your work as well

IV. Grading Criteria

- Creativity: 5

- Development and Support: 5

- Organization: 5

- Language Use and Grammar: 5

Hosted by GAEE Seoul