Environmental Hero Essay Competition of Autumn 2021 prompt is provided by Dr.Labib Azzouz of the University of Oxford

1. Aim

The GAEE Environmental Hero competition of the year 2021 aims at encouraging enthusiastic students to generate their own ideas about tackling global environmental challenges and to spread awareness about such challenges. The competition is open to students of all nationalities, and you do NOT need to be studying environmental science to be able to entre the competition.

2. Topic and question

Climate change is now impacting almost every part of our planet. Heatwaves, heavy rains, floods, droughts, and wildfires have become more intense and more frequent. Human activities are negatively influencing the climate of the Earth, and transportation, for instance, is considered a major contributor to CO2 emissions.

To avoid climate breakdown, immediate actions are needed. How can we reduce transport-related CO2 emissions?

3. Conditions

  • Each entry should include a title page mentioning the author.

  • Essays should be submitted in a Microsoft Word or PDF Format.

  • All essays must be submitted by the deadline of 23.59 on 10/09/2021 (South Korea time).

  • Maximum 2000 words

  • Minimum 650 words excluding the bibliography and the title page.

  • Do not forget to include page numbers. The text of the essay should be double spaced with a font size of 12.

  • You are expected to submit an originally researched and originally written paper. Avoid plagiarism!

  • When you use data, information, opinions, or facts from other sources, you need to mention them in your paper.