Policy Program

Stage 1: Policy making Competition

Create your own policy addressing one of the two prompts:

1. Discuss a conflict scenario involving democratization, past initiatives, such as Korean Peninsula. Present a policy that would bring democratization to people while minimizing conflict among involved parties.

2. Discuss the current violation of democratization caused by COVID-19. As a policy maker, discuss your policy that would bring democratization while not causing conflict between two parties.

- Your policy must include these sections: Purpose, Rationale, Objectives, Strategies and Implementation, Desired Outcomes and Management Plans

- You may participate as an individual or as a group (maximum 4)

- Deadline: April 23rd

- Fee: $90

- Scholarship Opportunity: If you wish to apply for our scholarship opportunity, which would waive the entrance fee, please write an essay with maximum of 500 words answering this question:

Stage 1.5: Workshop

PhD students from prestigious universities will provide 10 minute videos to help you create your policy. Use them as guideline

s and references.

Stage 2: Winners’ Project

- 6 most outstanding works will be selected

- $150 per person participating

- Winners will work with our mentors (6 PhD students who made videos)

- Required mentoring sessions: Four 40 minute sessions. If you wish to have extra sessions and the mentor agrees to do so, there will be some extra payment.

- Make PowerPoint slides that you will use to present in front of judges (by June 30th)

Stage 3: Presentation

- Your policy that you worked with mentors will be presented in front of our judging panels

- 2 presentation sessions (US judging panel session, UK judging panel session)

Deadline Extended!

~5/9 11:59 p.m (KST)

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